Xmas Letter 2002

Home is where you hang your head (Sorry Groucho)
Once again, we’re firing up the word processor to give you info you don’t really need. 2002 has been a year of some changes.
It started, as most years do, with the trek to sun beer and speed, Daytona. The weather cooperated, the races cooperated, and, surprisingly, Homeland Security cooperated.
In April, Kevin’s Mom passed away. Her last meal was chocolate ice cream, so we know she went happy. We just hope there’s a Hostess Bakery in heaven, or else God’s in trouble. We got to see most of the family, but not the way we wanted to.
The autocross season also started in April, and as part of his continuing midlife crisis, Kevin bought a motorcycle. Carolyn commented that Mom couldn’t roll over in her grave because we cremated her. This woman has been living with me far too long.
In June, Kevin went to Lime Rock for his first track day with the Miata. The need for speed just gets worse. To see pictures, go on the web to my “I Love Me” page, www.geocities.com/kfitzmaurice.
In July our cat, Maggie passed away after 14 years of typical cat attitude. Dogs are the Jerry Lewis of the animal world, this cat was British Royalty. Even with her head in the toilet, playing with the water, she had an air of pompous dignity.
In August, we got two new cats, Gordon and D.J. They are orange and white brothers we rescued from the Humane Society. Like most siblings, they are as different as can be. Gordon is a big lump who wants to be petted all of the time. You can hold him, juggle him, toss him in the microwave; he doesn’t care, as long as he gets attention. D.J. is a psychopath. You just know he’s plotting to kill you, he just hasn’t figured out how to make it look like an accident and forge your signature on the insurance check. It’s like having a fuzzy terrorist in your house. We forgot how challenging kittens can be, especially at playtime: 2:00 a.m.
In September, Carolyn retired from the City of Waterbury after 18 years. Her mean husband forced her to take a retirement package and give up her career. We went to Maine for a long weekend and just hung out, watching the ocean. Kevin went to Pocono for another track day with his car. Carolyn started on her new career as a handicapped aide in Beacon Falls.
In October, I surprised Carolyn with a renewal of our wedding vows for our twentieth anniversary. It worked out very well, since Carolyn’s Mom had arranged a memorial Mass for Kevin’s Mom, and we were scheduled to be Eucharistic Ministers at that Mass.
In November, MaryEllen had a significant birthday, and we had a surprise party for close to 100 people. It was the night of the big Northeast Ice Storm, and most of the guests lost power the next day. We can never do anything without excess drama.
For the first time in 20 years, we stayed home for most of the year. It was unusual, nice, but we’re getting itchy to get back on the road. We’re just counting the days until the bike and the convertible come out of storage!
Here’s hoping you have a great holiday season, the bank loses your credit card bill and the refuse department picks up your old tree when you leave it out.

Kevin & Carolyn
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