FitzMaurice’s Inn At Surfside

Looking for a quiet retreat with the sound of lapping waves? Want a warm, homey place that just whispers “Welcome”? Well, so do we, and we keep looking for it. Until we find it, let us offer FitzMaurice’s Inn at Surfside.

At FitzMaurice’s Inn at Surfside, we offer a stunning view of our neighbor’s house, or our neighbor’s pool. This spectacular vista is accompanied by the roar of Spirit Flight 946 departing at 8:02 flying overhead. Yes, it’s our famous coffee and kerosene on the porch, a regular tradition at FitzMaurice’s Inn at Surfside. Once you experience it, you’ll want to pass in the future.


At FitzMaurice’s Inn at Surfside we pride our selves on our “low country” cusine.  Frankly, we couldn’t spend any less money than we do on food, so all of our cusine is low.  We take familiar ingredients and combine them in unique combinations to make exciting taste treats.  We’re a three time winner of the Horry County Health Department “What the Hell were they Thinking Award”, and a recipeint of the Golden Stomach Pump by the Surfside Rescue squad.


We at FitzMaurice’s Inn at Surfside share your concern for our ocean environment.  We use only carefully selected, recyclable materials in our waste stream, and then total ignore the recycling process.  Our bath accomodations are unmatched by any competitors and more than once we’ve had guests exclaim “You’ve got to be kidding!” or “I’m supposed to use that?”  It’s just one of the individual, one of a kind touches that we pride ourselves on at FitzMaurice’s Inn at Surfside.


Finally, entertainment; night life.  The things that make a stay special.  At FitzMaurice’s Inn at Surfside we have all the entertainment you could crave, whether it’s dancing, music, the bar scene, or just a quiet night.  We have a radio, basic cable, a box of puzzles, and we’re just two blocks from the public library. We also have expensive WIFI available from our local cable company, and a Windows Vista computer available for our guests. There are a couple of joints just a few blocks away that have all the other stuff.  You can use our shuttle service: we have two bicycles available for our guests.

005In short, FitzMaurice’s Inn at Surfside can cater to all of our needs, and some of your’s.  Make sure you put us on your travel list.


“We frequently visit there”  Surfside Beach PD

“Thank God it’s only two blocks away when we have to respond” Surfside Beach Fire and Rescue

“What lousy tippers” Domino’s Pizza

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