Xmas 2012

Change is good; this isn’t

No letter this year to you to be read
My writers block is as solid as a politician’s head.

A suggestion was made “Why not try verse?”
I don’t think it’s better, if anything its verse.

So on this doggerel, a minute you’ll spend
You’ll know what we did when you reach the end.

From North to South we were regular commuters
Thanks to cheap airfares and wifi computers.

The airlines were often a source of fright,
But somehow it seems we always made the flight

No matter where we were, we were always in reach
Though you do get strange looks discussing business on the beach

It’s not all fun; the work had to be seen
But all the wallpaper’s gone and the condo kitchen is green.

Our jobs or positions have changed thru the year,
But we’re both employed, so that’s a source of cheer.

The landscaping that started just before last year’s hurricane
Finally got finished, and my checkbook is in pain.

The cat is still with us, take my word
Especially at two am when he’s not seen but heard.

The racing is still active, and I give it a go
But the older I get, the more I go slow.

Carolyn still babysits, with Rocco on her lap,
Some days it a race to see who gets the nap.

People came and went, with all that confusion
But we finally arrived at a solid conclusion.

The Mayan’s say on the twenty first it will end
So the heck with the fiscal cliff and spend, spend, spend

Merry Christmas
The Bard and his wife (and editor and biggest critic)

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