Xmas 2015

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Don’t let the parade pass by


After a great time seeing family and friends at Christmas, and a pleasant New Year’s at the Doiron’s Fall Down Inn, we left the snow where it belongs and went home.  Winter in Surfside Beach is strange.  It gets very grey, as far as both weather and occupants.  The snowbirds attack the town, and you can’t get near a restaurant on the weekends at 4:30.  Seven thirty at night, they’re ghost towns, but at 4:30, they look like cotton fields.  Driving becomes an adventure as seniors pull some hair raising stunts, while completely oblivious.  It’s like Grand Theft Auto without the hookers.  Unless you’re in Myrtle Beach, and in that case, there are hookers.

We spent a great weekend in the spring in the North Carolina Mountains at Tom and Laurin Traub’s cabin.  It’s called a cabin, but our house would fit inside.  We were high enough up in the hills that I could hear the banjos playing and I kept waiting to find the still.  Tom wouldn’t tell me where he hid it.

May was our only trip back to Connecticut as a couple.  It was Olivia’s first communion and a good reason to get together and eat Eyetalian food.  It was great to see everybody.  We once again abused the Doiron’s hospitality and had a roof over our heads.  In May Kevin quit his job at the airport.  The ever changing schedule got to be too much.  We had our first guests for the year: Marc and Kelly came up from Florida.  They stayed a few days and then Kelly went home, and Marc met his dad in MB for golf.

June started the summer and the guest season.  Christopher and Bridgette came down for a week just to hang out and sun stroke.  You can only remind people so many times about sunscreen.  June moved into July and that was Famdelirium as Bob and Ang DiGi were in town at their condo, so Mike and Tracey and the boys were visiting them, so Ken and Laurie Stanco were in their condo, so Tracey’s brother Mike was there with his family, so Mike DiGi’s friends were in his condo, so they also had family down, which meant that the 4th of July looked like a tour bus exploded.  I’ve been to quieter earthquakes.  That crew cleared out, the next group arrived as the Doirons and the Bodes flew in for a visit.  It was a quiet trip on this visit, since doctors’ orders meant watch the partying.  We went kayaking on the Waccamaw River and everyone survived, a major accomplishment.

In August, Kevin drove to Pocono to attend a C.A.R.T. track day.  Thanks to Bob Johnson for the ride in the Freeatta.  It was 2 days driving to go driving for 1 day.  Ginny and Dennis visited in August, just to hang out and get some beach time.  We took a boat out of Georgetown to an offshore island to collect shells.  A pleasant 3 hour trip, but we didn’t have Gilligan as a first mate, so we were safe.

In amongst all of this, the Skibisky’s came and went as they are getting their retirement home ready for their eventual move to the Grand Strand area.  Thank God they finally bought furniture and can stay there!

Carolyn has gone back and forth to Connecticut several times.  Her childhood home is being sold, so she helped out getting it ready to show, and she also spent some Auntie time watching Rocco and Miranda.  She is now a “cat volunteer” with the Grand Strand Humane Society, helping to acclimate and socialize cats for adoption.  Kevin passed his audition and probation and is now a player at the Carolina Improv Theatre.  He also has a website job with a local marketing company and serves on the local business committee.  Finally, we’ve entered our golf cart in the annual Christmas Parade.  Ever see a golf cart with 130 LED’s on it?  Wait until you see the pictures!  If we don’t see you, y’all have a Merry Christmas, and drop on in anytime


Kevin & Carolyn

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