xmas 2014

And then there was one

If 2013 was a year of change, 2014 was more of the same. We started the year trying to get our Connecticut house into shape so that some kind soul would actually offer money for it. Paint, and repairs by the homeowners, and a bathroom update courtesy of Doiron Home Remodelers, and we were getting ready to list. We then had to get ruthless on our possessions. We knew the snow blower wasn’t headed south, but how about the bicycles? And the baskets, my God, all the baskets. And the stereo equipment, guitars, albums, CDs, clothing, it’s amazing the stuff you accumulate in 17 years in a house, even with just two people.
If you ever feel bad about yourself, if you’re depressed, I have two words for you: Tag Sale. Trust me; there are some strange critters out there that have nothing to do on a Saturday. The stuff they will buy would make your head spin! Broken torque wrench? Fifteen minutes on the table, and GONE. Six month old computer desk? Donated, could get anyone to even look at it.
We were commuting between Connecticut and South Carolina about every three weeks. The car loaded, the cruise control set, and off we would go. We even rented a mini-van for one trip for the larger, heavier stuff. Thanks Nick, for the help on that ride, and I was glad you were asleep when I wasn’t sure the truck was going to stop in the Virginia mountains. It finally did, so all’s good.
The next step was hiring a mover. The only thing online research confirmed was how much of a crap shoot it is when hiring a mover. The reviews all contained heroics or disaster, very little common ground. Carolyn was working as a cafeteria substitute, so guess who did most of the packing? It’s been like Christmas all year, since whatever got in my way, got packed wherever I found space. Who needs to label the boxes, they’re all going to the same place? In June, we committed to living in our new home. With a nostalgic look over our shoulder, we left our empty house in Waterbury and raced the moving van to South Carolina. We beat them by a day, and 175 boxes, a bed, two large cabinets, two dressers, a dining room set, and some miscellaneous stuff later, we were here. Unpack, unpack, unpack was our new mantra. While we were unpacking, we did the paperwork dance and became SC residents. Good thing the DMV is across the street from the Tax Department, so it was a short commute.
Having a house near the beach means guests. We were glad to see everyone that stopped by: Joe and Debbie Skibisky, Paul and Donna Hensler, Joe and Debbie Skibisky, Bob and Barbara Doiron, Jay and Barbara Bode, Jim and Claudette Doyle, Ginny Sodano and Dennis Patnode, Debbie Skibisky, Paul Omichinski, and Joe and Debbie Skibisky. Notice a pattern?
With some help from some aggressive realtors, and a financial ass kicking, we went from three homes to one. Ever need to fit three households full of stuff into one? Hire us, we have experience! It’s taken some adjustment, but we have grown to love our new home. We miss our friends and family, but enjoy the beach, and have been back a few times to visit, a trend that will continue. Our door is always open for guests; y’all come down and see us at the FitzMaurice’s Inn at Surfside. We may even pick you up at the airport.

Thinking of you when it snows, and laughing like hell….

Kevin & Carolyn

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