Xmas 2007

Blame it all on Al Gore (An inconvenient storm)

All too soon, it’s time for the 2007 highlight reel. For the first time in fourteen years, we didn’t go to Daytona in February. Not that we didn’t try, we just didn’t go.
This winter was one of the mildest we’ve had. The first significant bad weather we had was February 14. I’m sure of the date, because once again, we were stranded at an airport. An ice storm came thru the area, two hours after we were supposed to be in Florida, we were sitting at the end of a runway, seated 10 rows apart, waiting for the de-icing truck. We weren’t on the scheduled flight, we were going to the wrong city, but at least we were aiming at Florida. We missed taking off by less than five minutes, and after three hours of waiting in line to change tickets, the best we could do was get to Florida one day after the race. We passed on the offer. Barb and Bob Doiron invited us to watch the race at their ski house in Vermont. We had a great time, and didn’t freeze at the race. It was the coldest 500 in years. The punch line to the whole mess was I was in Tampa three days earlier, since I helped Marc drive his new convertible home.
We made it to Florida in March, as we went to baseball Spring Training, as guests of the Boston Red Sox. We got to see Aunt Gerry and Uncle John for a quick lunch. We saw three whole innings before we had to leave to catch our plane. At least Beckett was pitching.
April, the autocross season started, so every other Sunday was now occupied. I posted almost 5000 pictures to the club website during the year, and I took over 3500 of them.
In July we combined a “love weekend” with a track day in the Poconos. Several of us went to the Cove Haven resort and each of us rented one of their “Apple” rooms. The room was great, a sauna, private pool, big tub, and no windows. It was pitch black inside with the lights out. I spent 5 minutes one night trying to find the bathroom. We learned to leave the light on in the shower, it made the outline of the door stand out. We had a lot of laughs playing Bingo and watch the X rated version of the Newlywed Game. It’s amazing what people will reveal if they think they’re going to win a prize.
August was the usual “Lets drive 900 miles to do nothing at the beach” trip to Myrtle Beach. We both managed to avoid sunburn, proving you can teach old dogs new tricks, particularly when pain is involved.
In October, we celebrated our twenty fifth anniversary. It seems like only yesterday that Mrs. D was warning me about being erect at the altar. Talk about performance pressure. We got the family together at the San Marino Restaurant, and had a party.
In November, Carolyn’s nephew Michael married Brieann Veillette. Their daughter, Miranda was in the wedding as “general cute kid”. She did a better job at the ceremony than her dad; at least she didn’t drop the wedding ring. My cousin Jack served as the official driver, volunteering his pale purple 60’s Malibu as the wedding chariot. Everything went very well, and if you have a few hours, we have over 800 pictures.
Here’s hoping your year was as interesting and pleasant as ours. Here’s looking forward to another 25 years of behavior modification.

Kevin & Carolyn.
The Geezer, and soon to be Geezerette

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